How We Got Started

Kaelin Vernon and his family are 7th generation cattlemen having farmed in Warren County Kentucky since 1730. To say breeding cattle is in Kaelin blood and genes would not be an understatement and seems appropriate as he continues breed the finest pure breed and pure blood cattle. Kaelin has partnered with his father in law Ted MacDonald and brother in law Justin MacDonald by forming Vernon Cattle Company.

Its mission is to breed the finest genomes and progeny from its livestock. Currently we work on developing the best traits of pure breed angus with pure blood Simental. The additional difference maker is that this breeding methodology is focused on organic principles, the way God intended.

This includes how they are fed, types of minerals, grazing methods, etc. The resulting quality of beef from these principles is unmistakable as some of this beef is sold to the customer. The Vernon Cattle lineage continues both from the family side as well as the cattle breeding side. We welcome you to superior breeding.

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425 Carter Sims Rd
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