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We are 7th generation cattle farmers who breed and sell Angus, Simmental, and SimAngus cattle
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Vernon Cattle Co.

Who We Are – We raise registered Angus, Fleckvieh Simmental, and Simi-Angus cattle. Our cattle provide you with the elite breeding and cow/calf production.

What We Do Our mission is to deliver the best end result of any cattle farm in America. We guarantee that our cattle are proven for the pasture, for breeding, and for incredible production.

Where We’re From – We’re located in Plano, Kentucky. A grass based farm that prioritizes soil and grass production is a part of our identity. This system improves meat quality, cattle health, and our farming ecosystem.

Our Cattle

Grass fed. No Steroids. Bulls have all the phenotypes of original bloodlines.

Where Does Sim-Angus Cattle Originate From?
The SimAngus Breed was created in the late 20th century to combine the superior qualities of the Simmental and Angus cattle.
Why is Sim-Angus breed growing in popularity?
Sim-Angus cattle provide superior weight gain, muscling, meat yield and maternal traits of the Simmental with the meat quality, polled and solid coat color attributes of the Angus cattle.
Where Do Angus Originate From?
Angus originated in Scotland and were sometimes named “hummlies” or “doddies.” They were brought to the United States in the 1870s.
What does the "Certified Angus" label mean?
Certified Angus beef must meet stringent requirements and pass tests issues by USDA graders to receive the “Certified Angus” label.
Where Did Simmental Originate From?
Simmental’s origins can be traced back to Switzerland during the middle ages. This makes Simmentals among the oldest breeds of cattle in the world.
How big do Simmentals get?
Simmental cows, on average, weigh 2000 lbs with bulls weighing nearly 2800 lbs. According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture (Farmers’ Bulletin NO. 2255) Fleckvieh-Simmental can gain over 3 lbs per day.

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